Genealogy and Local History in Logan County, Ohio
Tax Records
Perry Township Personal Property Tax List, 1834

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The table below is a transcript of the personal property tax list for Perry Township, Logan County, Ohio for the year 1834. The list includes the name of the person taxed, the number of horses and corresponding value, the number of cattle and corresponding value, merchandise capital, and money loaned at interest. The list is arranged in rough alphabetical order.

Many of the earliest settlers of Perry Township are found in this list. Perry Township was established in 1830. At the time this list was originally compiled, the township included all the territory which would later be split off to form Bokes Creek Township in 1838.

Tax List

Owner's NameHorsesValueCattleValueMerchandise
at Interest
Austin, Carlisle H.3120216  
Austin, Josiah5200432 2793
Banks, Arlen14018  
Bayles, Josiah5200216  
Banks, Anthony4160648  
Ballenger, John280324  
Ballenger, Samuel140216  
Burnsides, Alex. W.280540  
Bushong, John280540  
Barnhart, John  216  
Ballenger, Caleb4160324  
Bates, Cranston140216  
Branson, Abraham28018  
Cheshire, John140216  
Curl, James R.280216  
Coffall, Jesse  216  
Coffall, Archibald140    
Coffall, David280216  
Coffall, Peter14018  
Cline, Jesse140324  
Cline, Samuel140216  
Cline, William140    
Coffall, James280    
Devinney, Charles140216  
Dillon, Abraham B.312018  
Dillon, David R.140    
Dobie, James416018  
Drake, Chordey312018  
Eastlack, William312018  
Edwards, James280216  
Ewing, John140648  
Eater, Henry140216  
Faur, Thomas280216  
Fisher, William4160648  
Golden, Thomas140    
Garwood, Levi Sr.4160432  
Garwood, John140    
Garwood, Aaron140216  
Garwood, William140432  
Garwood, James & Co.41601080  
Garwood, Isaiah140216  
Green, Stephen28018  
Green, Nehemiah140    
Garwood, Levi Jr.280216  
Grubbs, Christopher14018  
Harding, Edward14018  
Hatcher, James280648  
Hatcher, Isaac280    
Hatcher, Daniel280216  
Hatcher, Samuel14018  
Hoge, Solomon G.140216  
Hill, John H.140216  
Harriman, Simpkin140    
Haines, Joseph280432  
Hill, Jeremiah14018  
Hill, Jesse140    
Harriman, David280972  
James, Thomas Jr.280432 200
James, Thomas Sr.280324  
James, Thomas14018  
King & Hitchings140  1500 
Keller, Frederick3120324  
Lane, Joseph14018  
Lane, David140216  
Lee, Josiah14018  
Lyons, Benjamin D.140    
Lane, Benjamin280432  
McWaid, Joshua140216  
Monroe, Nathaniel312018  
McDonald, John3120    
McCrerey, Alexander  216  
Mitchell, John3120    
Outland, John14018  
Patrick, Johnson14018  
Pew, Thomas28018  
Pew, Bayles14018  
Pew, William28018  
Painter, Alfred140216  
Randal, Joseph280216  
Reymer, Henry3120540  
Robinson, John A.  18  
Rea, David280324  
Rea, Robert3120324  
Rea, John280216  
Ramsey, Alexander  216  
Ramsey, Nathaniel280    
Ramsey, John14018  
Skidmore, Joshua280324  
Seaman, Henry280324  
Sullivan, Henry Sr.28018  
Sowell, Thomas28018  
Smith, William14018  
Stratton, Daniel280324  
Supler, Samuel280324  
Smith, John280324  
Skidmore, William3120216  
Skidmore, Joseph280324  
Skidmore, Daniel280216  
Summers, William Jr.140    
Sullivan, Henry Jr.14018  
Sullivan, John140    
Tallman, Samuel14018  
Titus, Daniel14018  
Vanvores, Henry140216  
Vanvores, Peter140    
Vickers, James28018  
Wilgus, John B.140324  
Wilkins, Hulda  18  
Weeks, James14018  
Wilson, Andrew A.28018  
Young, Alexander14018  

Transcribed and contributed by Tom Ramsey.

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