Genealogy and Local History in Logan County, Ohio

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Online Sources

The following online sources are related for obituaries for Logan County.

Publications, Records, etc.

The following bibliography lists items related to obituaries for Logan County. Entries on this list are arranged in two sections: collections of obituaries (arranged by author or compiler and title) and individual obituaries (arranged by name of the deceased). These items are available at repositories listed on the Archives and Libraries page per the holdings information following each entry. Some of these items may also be available at other libraries within Ohio and elsewhere.



Carroll, William

Casad, Orpha, d. 1891

Cowman, Elizabeth, 1789-1884

DeGraff, Colonel, d. 1894

Elliott, Mary, d. 1891

Frey, John H., d. 1900

Jones, Claren C., 1914-1983

Kloepfer, Jacob, 1845-1929

Magruder, Jon B., d. 1850

Miller, Mary, d. 1860

Misamore, Emanuel, d. 1898

Obenchain, Mary Kemper, d. 1886

Peters, Reinhold, d. 1897

Pettit, R. E., d. 1898

Pitman, Rachel Moore, d. 1903

Riddle, Abner, d. 1888

Ross, Edna Mae, 1894-1983

Smith, John Wilson, d. 1881

Thatcher, Henry C., 1843-1915

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